Drift away on a mini vacation and enjoy some much needed and deserved me time at our sea inspired spa.

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​Mini Beach Spa Package – $100(90min Service)

​Looking for something a little less clinical?
This treatment is full of the relaxing fluff and buff that you are looking for. Starting off with the Mini Beach Bum Delight, flowing into the Mini Sea Urchin Facial and finishing with a Bright Eyes Treatment while your hands and feet are being massaged and pampered with paraffin.

Please Note: Extractions are not performed during the Mini Beach Spa Package.

​Starfish Scalp & Neck Treatment & Sand Walk Combo $50.00(60min Service)

​We have combined two customer favorites and this treatment is a pure pampering treat for your head, neck and feet. It starts with stress relief massage for the scalp and neck. Then the feet get some love, via exfoliation, massage and your choice of detoxifying mask or a paraffin treatment to finish it all off. ​

Coral Beauty (Massage and Facial Combo) $130.00(120min Service) New Client Rate $99.00
Mini Coral Beauty (Massage and Facial Combo) $50.00 (60min Service)

​Pack your bags, because you will definitely feel like you just took a mini vacation. Experience the best of both worlds with our 60min signature facial the Sea Urchin’s Delight and a 60min Swedish massage. Mini Coral Beauty consists of a 30min Swedish massage and a 30min Sea Urchin Delight.

Full Body Detox Treatment $197 (120min Service) Spring & Summer 2017 Promo Rate $108.00

This treatment was specifically designed to flush toxins from the body. Treatment begins with a 30min Celluma session, drifting into a 30min full back massage and ending with a full body Mermaid Wrap (mud only no exfoliation). Your body will feel relaxed, cleansed and refreshed.

Sea Grass Trio Package $130 (2hr and 20min Service)

Three client favorites all rolled into one package of relaxation. 60min Sand Dollar massage, Mermaid Body Buff, and The Starfish Scalp and Neck Treatment.

 Sea Grass Full Day Spa Package $333.00 (4hr Service)

Pack your bags for a day full of relaxation. This package begins with a Hot Stone Placement to prepare the body for the 60min Sand Dollar massage that follows. The Sea Urchin’s Delight Facial is next followed by the Mermaid Body Wrap and finished off by The Star Fish Scalp and Neck Treatment.




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