Complete “Detox Me” Program

We are very excited to offer you a way to become healthier and more energetic.

Are you experiencing any or all these symptoms?

  • muscle pain and discomfort “all the time”?
  • tired and sluggish “all the time”?
  • feeling depressed “all the time”?
  • skin looking tired and aging “all the time”?
  • feeling like cellulite is on a hostile takeover mission “all the time”?
  • anxiety levels feel out of control “all the time”?

Well we are excited to inform you that we have a program that could potentially eliminate most if not all the above issues and finally get rid of the “ALL THE TIME” problems.

 Sea Grass is excited to introduce our newest service. A complete “Detox Me” program that will target the following:

  • Pain reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Cellulite reduction (may improve the appearance of)
  • Skin toning
  • Relaxation
  • Increased metabolism
  • Cardiovascular health

All the above can be addressed by following the “Detox Me” program.
What is included in the program?

  1. “Detox Me” Upper Body Massage Treatment
  2. Ultrasonic Cavitation Session
  3. “Detox Me” Body Wrap

 “Detox Me” Upper Body Massage Treatment

Increases energy levels, reduces muscular tension, pain and discomfort. You will be introduced to 3 forms of heat during this treatment to amplify detoxification. One will be performed with the use of either Infrared Light Panels or the Celluma which is the next generation LED panels approved by the FDA.

 Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation is used to increase detoxification by liquefying fat cells and in turn releasing the toxins that are trapped within the fat cells. This treatment can only be used on individuals that do not have certain health conditions. If you are a client that is unable to utilize the Ultrasonic Cavitation device, we do offer other devices such as Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Lipo Laser, and Vacuum RF as alternatives. A combination of one or more of these devices is available upon request.

“Detox Me” Body Wrap

This wrap is focused specifically on the stomach, thighs, glutes and arms. A unique mixture that will help reduce water retention, appearance of cellulite as well as tone and firm the body. 

Treatment Recommendation 

A Complete “Detox Me” Program has an estimated service time of up to 3 hours depending on the devices and areas you wish to have focused on. It is recommended to have 3 sessions to optimize your overall success in the program. The appointments are scheduled 3 weeks apart. You may add additional sessions as needed and booster sessions are available at a low rate.
If you looking to try out the program and see what your results could be after just ONE session, we do have an introductory rate.
If you are interested in the program, please contact us at 978-973-0643 or email us at:


And we will send you the complete program in detail along with the price list.


Introductory Rate

Complete “Detox Me” Program


75-min “Detox Me” Upper Body Massage Treatment

15-min Ultrasonic Cavitation (or alternative devices)

“Detox Me” Body Wrap



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