Sea Grass Therapies Cryo Facials
Sea Grass Therapies Cryo Facials
Sea Grass Therapies Cryo Facials

CooLifting Facial Treatment (30-min)

​Are you looking for a non-evasive way to instantly see fine lines vanish?

Do you want tighter and firmer skin?

Well we have the treatment that has taken Europe by storm right here at Sea Grass.This service starts with a light exfoliation treatment appropriate for your skin and ends with a HA serum and CO2 combo that gives wrinkles a 1-2 punch. The effects are both immediate and long lasting.

Results are instant with NO injections, No incisions and NO downtime!

CooLifting Pricing

Intro rate: $150 (This treatment is free is series of 3 is purchased)

Series of 3 (Recommended): $660 (If you purchase a series your booster visits will always be $150)

Regular Rate: $250 (This rate will apply to any visits after Intro Rate without a series purchase)

 CryoClear Treatments

Skin tags and age spots don’t stand a chance against this CryoClear. Treatment time is 10 seconds and then you are 14-28 days away from tagless and spotless skin!

CryoClear Pricing

1 treatment: $40 (Note: Most spots require only one treatment, but some spots may require up to three treatments)

Cryo-Sea Urchin’s Delight (60-min)  – $74.00 

Recommended For:All Skin Types Showing Dryness, Dehydration, Stress, Exhaustion or Jet Lag.​Have the elements left your skin feeling a little parched?
This is a cool twist to the Sea Urchin’s Delight Facial. 

Nourishing the skin, relaxing the system and soothing the soul are all part of this luxurious refresher. Thorough, but oh so gentle, deep cleansing with exfoliating enzymes lifts away dry, flaking dead cells and surface toxins. Massage with an aromatic natural herbal balm, infusion of botanical serums with the use of Cryo-Orb lymphatic massage will increase micro-circulation to the skin, restoring clarity and youthful glow.

​Perfect to give as a gift certificate for birthdays, bridal parties and anniversaries.

Pressed for time? Opt for a Cryo-Mini Urchin’s Delight for $35.00

Get ready to say Ahh…….because this treatment is all about pampering and relaxation for those with limited time. A refreshing deep cleanse paired with a delightful massage and finished off with a Cryo-Orb lymphatic massage.

Please Note: Extractions are not performed with the Cryo-Mini Sea Urchin Delight.




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